2017 Charles Stampe Trophy Draw And Results

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Matches to be played week commencing 30th October 2017


Howard 1vSturdee 3
Chatham Ark RoyalvAnchorians 5
Cliffe Woods 1vChatham Furious
Luton Invicta 5vAnchorians 4
Luton Invicta 4vRainham 3
Chatham CumberlandvRainham 1
Chatham EndurancevChatham Gannet
Anchorians 1vBoxley 2
Howard 5vBoxley 3
Rainham 2vChatham Dorset/Boxley 1
Howard 6vRainham 4
Cliffe Woods 3vChatham Hector
Upnor 'C'vHoward 7
Howard 4vAnchorians 3
Howard 3vLuton Invicta 3
Upnor 'B'vChatham Belfast
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