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Could any players (or teams) interested in forming a second team please contact me ASAP (Monday evening at the latest) as the organiser needs to know by the end of the week how many teams he has to organise the draw.

Date: :: Source: Medway Towns

All of the results and reports from the Charles Stampe Third Round are now available. The Quarter-Final draw is also published under the Charles Stampe tabs.  

Date: :: Source: Medway Towns

We will be organising another Committee meeting for early February

Date: :: Source: Medway Towns

The Charles Stampe Trophy handicaps for Round Three have now been posted in the CST section of this site.

Date: :: Source: Medway Towns

The second session of the National Cadet League results and tables

Date: :: Source: Medway Towns

Here is first round of NCL results (there are four rounds).

Date: :: Source: Medway Towns

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